New Year. New Focus : Gratitude, Confidence and more…

Happy New Year beautiful people!


Like seriously though where did 2018 go…? It seemed to be going relatively steady until I started my full time training year in August and then BAM the year was over!


I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on my 2018 and deciding what goals I’d like to achieve in 2019, and to be honest my goals are more internally focused than being focused on external accomplishments. I’ve realised I really need to work on myself from within and just figure myself out , and grow into they type of person I want to become, because (to keep things 100 with y’all) in the last few months of 2018 I really felt like my mental health was declining and moving in the wrong direction. So I think a refocus this year is much needed, and hopefully (if I’m organised enough) I take you guys along with me on this little journey!




Now I’d be flat out lying if I said I had no tangible goals and achievements for 2019 (I mean I’m a millennial so…), but I do think that having my primary goals being more internally focused will at least form the basic foundation  for any other goals I want to achieve in life in general.


Two out of a couple of things stood out to me when I was reflecting on 2018. The first was a severe lack of gratitude. I was literally looking back on the year feeling like I really had achieved nothing, meanwhile your girl managed to get herself a whole first class masters degree which genuinely tried to break her (uni is no all fun and games people!), and I also passed my driving test which I know is a piece of cake to some people but the struggle was 100% real for me and I really was convinced that I was due a lifetime of public transport. The funny thing is when people remind me of these things, I’m quick to belittle it or just shrug my shoulders in a “so what” response, as if I wasn’t once praying for these things or shedding tears over them (lol) before they happened.



The second was my tragic lack of self-confidence/self-esteem which I’ve realised is completely unacceptable. It’s actually a trap, and one can only ever get so far in life without it, and it actually annoys me sightly that I’ve got to the big age of 23 (subjective OK) and this is where I’m at with that aspect of myself. So yes, a 360 turnaround in 2019 please.


I could go on, but I think I’m gonna save the rest for some more blog posts throughout the year!


Last thing I wanted to share is that I’ll be doing 365 days of encouragement this year, so I will be posting a quote/saying/phrase to encourage you (and myself) daily on my Instagram stories and my Pinterest board  every single day of this year. So be sure to follow me on both those platforms if you fancy some of that!


2019 will be a good one guys and gals ,regardless of whatever obstacles life decides to throw at us!


What are you focusing on in 2019? Let me know in the comments!!



CJ x


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  1. Amazing post! Thanks for the vulnerability!

  2. Larah says:

    Lovely post x

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