About me



Hey there, thanks for stopping by…


My name is Chloé Jessica and I’m a 24 year old blogger from London. I decided to create this blog as an online space for me to share my skincare and beauty tips (due to my acne prone skin), shopaholic tendencies, and take you along with me through life as  I grow as a person and work towards my goals and dreams.


I also want to use Chloé Jessica London as a platform to encourage more self love, acceptance and confidence , which is something that I’ve struggled with in the past (and still do sometimes), whilst trying my best to help you stay motivated  and empowered in achieving your own aspirations in life!


Come join me on the journey! Let’s grow together and learn from each other…?


“Life is a Journey,  and it’s about growing and changing,  and coming to terms with who and what you are,  and loving who and what you are”  Kelly McGillis



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