Placing myself admits my fears – Turning thoughts into Things

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Now I’m a self-confessed dreamer… and my close friends and family have frequently been subject to hearing me go on and on about my ideas over the years. Whether that be a business or charity idea, setting up a new society or music group at uni…They’ve really heard it all!

And I can shamefully say that my attempts to actually execute these ideas and ‘make things happen’ have been exceedingly poor.

It’s only been in recent months that I’ve began to really think about why this is…

It’s as if I’m scared of the uncertainty that comes with starting something from scratch and that grey area where thoughts transition into things, and I usually just end up telling myself the following…no that’s a silly idea…no one will be interested… who do I think I am trying to do big things…

This has  led me to point at which that I’m scared about the possibility of things going wrong that I’d rather not do anything,  resulting in me not  moving any closer to my dreams/goals, and literally remaining stagnant in life.

Also, starting any new venture involves putting yourself ‘out there’ to promote what you’re doing, but for me there still seems to be that slight underlying concern of how others will perceive me. The thing that worries me most about this, is that it seems to be more applicable to my ‘friends’ and people that I know rather than total complete strangers!

This has all led me to realise how majorly lacking I am in self-confidence and self-belief

Followed by this realisation I’ve also decided enough is enough… like I’m actually getting old (yes I’m 21 years old, lol) and it’s about time I start turning these thoughts into actual ‘things’ , believe in myself a little more and get goal digging 🙂

So this summer I’ve been planning and working on the beginning of something quite exciting, and I’m looking forward  to taking you guys along on this journey with me…

(Posting this publicly also means that I’m going to look like a right idiot if you guys don’t here anything for me , so I kinda have to force myself to follow this through now haha)

But I don’t see why I should do this on my own… so whoever you are… whenever your reading this… join me… what are your fears, what are scared to do even though it can only benefit you and help you grow?…stop letting it hold you back… That thing that’s been playing on your mind and your not sure whether to pursue it or not…DO IT!


Join me on this journey, and let’s grow and achieve our dreams and goals together… its not necessarily going to start off easy, and we’ll all inevitably stumble and encounter obstacles along the way…but who knows what might happen…

As for me, I’ll be starting by launching my first mini business venture….which you’ll all find out about in the next couple of weeks!


CJ x



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12 responses to “Placing myself admits my fears – Turning thoughts into Things”

  1. Great post! Love it:)

  2. ‘GOAL DIGGING’ I love it!!!
    Really excited for your new venture.
    I am in the process of becoming self employed and see what you mean about having ideas but being stuck on how to actually turn them into physical product/company.
    Good luck with your business venture, push past your fears!!
    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  3. blush says:

    A really motivating and inspiring post!

  4. GirlMasked says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, I can really relate to it. I always get too worried about failure when starting things and I’m really trying to work on that lately. This post is so inspiring!

  5. Lovely post! You have taken the hardest step, and now that you have forward momentum, you just need to keep doing It!

    I look forward to seeing more

    Ash –

  6. Loved this post, it was so well written and so motivating! x

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