So I’ve been totally awol on here and social media lately, and the truth is I’ve been seriously struggling with juggling working 9-7, studying, blogging, keeping up on social media, getting back up to standard with my musical instruments and trying to start a start-up!


Truth is I had everything “on lock” with super high productivity levels for the first few months until all of a sudden I was completely drained and exhausted, and began to realise that I wasn’t sleeping enough, I wasn’t eating enough and I wasn’t taking proper time out for self-care.


I’ve been living a life of complete an utter imbalance, that caused me to completely crash and burn and I’ve been struggling to recover ever since!


So, as reconfigure my daily routine to rectify this, I thought I’d share with you a few things that I’m working on to try develop a more balanced lifestyle…


1. Early to bed early to rise

Yes I know its obvious but it’s actually easier said than done,  because it means I’ll actually have to discipline myself to stop trying to study after a certain time!  Nonetheless, I reckon my body will be thankful for this transition from the former late to bed, early to rise.


2.Daily devotional

I’ve realised on the days that I do this I feel that little bit more sane throughout the day. I’d been pretty good at this for the first few months of the year, but since I started working I stopped making enough effort to find the time. The funny thing is that with all my to do lists and everything I’m trying to do, there’s literally no point to any of it without God! The book I’ve been using is ‘My Time with God’ by Joyce Meyer, it’s actually my first ever devotional book and  I’ve been loving it (when I have been using it ha ha), I’d definitely recommend it if your looking for a daily devotional book for next year, especially if your not sure where to start.


3. Meditation

I really need help to stress less! I’m literally a big fat stress ball all the time.  It really is no good, and I’m tired of the constant headaches it’s been giving me! I’ve read that mediation has worked for some and hasn’t for others – but I deffo think it’s going to be worth a try, I guess I’ll let you know how I get on….


4.Set aside time for me

Whether it’s getting my nails done, doing a face mask or a spa day, or simply reading a book, I need to allocate some down time to just enjoy myself and completely switch off!


Are you currently living a balanced life or is it something you’re currently striving for?




CJ x



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10 responses to “Balance”

  1. lexie says:

    This was a really great read for me right now! I also work 9-7 and it’s so hard to have the motivation after work to come back and blog etc. Thanks for the great tips! xo

  2. Isi says:

    One of the hardest things in life is finding a balance I think. It takes time and different things work for different peopl, of course. But these are great tips for starting to find a balance. I find routine also helps.
    Lovely post x

  3. Kenzie Norris says:

    What an incredible post. Love your blog!!

  4. Sisi Alero says:

    Nothing beats having time for self love and the right balance all round. I perform better when i pray and have my quiet time early hours of the morning. All the best with your new routine. Lovely write-up. ?

  5. Sarah Beane says:

    I think I’m always striving for balance…sometimes life (like my job) has other ideas, but I definitely agree with getting an early night’s sleep and getting into that schedule!

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