My Top 5 Skincare essentials


Hi there,

Just thought I’d share with you some of my top 5 skin care products which I reckon absolutely are essential when it comes to treating your skin!

1.Face Steamer

Face Steaming is an absolute must when it come to maintaining healthy skin- especially for someone like me with extremely acne prone skin. But sometimes the thought of leaving the house and going all the way to a gym/spa  does not appeal. Therefore  investing in a face steamer is the perfect way to do this in the comfort of your own home.

steamer 1

2.Face brush

I absolutely love using this Champneys facial scrub with my daily face wash! I use it in the mornings with my face wash and find that it’s the perfect way to exfoliate my skin, not only to remove any dead skin cells and impurities, but also to aid the penetration of skincare products into my skin.

brush cleaner

3. Garnier micellar water

After having tried out a number of face cleansers in the past , I have to honestly say that this micellar cleansing water is the best I have ever used and is an absolute must have! It’s perfect for cleansing and removing makeup and its Hypoallergenic properties make it particularly ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.


4.Charcoal Face Mask

I really like to make an effort to treat my face to a Charcoal face mask  at least once a week. Charcoals is well known for its strong adsorption power and is therefore able to draw out oil and other impurities from clogged pores.There are plenty on the market , but I personally love Sanctuary Spa’s mask  because it’s self heating  and therefore feels amazing on your skin upon application.

charcoal face mask


Now SPF is an absolute must, not only for summer , but all year round in order to protect your skin from the potentially harmful UV rays of the sun. An SPF of at least 15 is all most people need for full protection, however as my skin is extremely prone to hyperpigmentation, I tend to use SPF 50.


Let me know what you think in the comments below! Have you tried any of these products and what do you think of them?


CJ x


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6 responses to “My Top 5 Skincare essentials”

  1. femecafe says:

    I have to get me a face brush. I never even knew they existed. Lol. And the face cleanser as well. I be having such a hard time finding something to not dry out my skin because I have naturally dry skin. The face brush should help to exfoliate and hopefully my skin won’t look so dull. Lol. Thanks for this post. It was much needed!

  2. femecafe says:

    It really is. Lol. Thank you!! ?

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  4. GirlsMyAge says:

    Hey gorgeous! I loved this post and I’m definetly going to pick up that brush and the face mask becausr girl my skin is oilyyyyy and it drives me up the wall sometimes haha. I love skincare too, aspiring dermatologist??Xx

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