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Well hello there beautiful people, Happy New Year! 2020 came round real quick for me! as much as I intended to prepare for the new year and get a head start with some new healthy habits, December was a very sluggish month for me, hence why this post is a couple of days late…


I started 2019 with the intention of focusing on more Gratitude and improving my self-confidence, so I thought I might as well give you a little round up on how that went.

Intentional Gratitude

Consciously choosing something to be grateful for each day is something that I found to be a real game changer. Regardless of the type of day I would have; good, bad, or ugly there was a peace that came with reminding myself that there was always something to be grateful to God for whether big or small. There were also many moments last year where I became grateful for the things in my life that hadn’t gone to plan in the past, and decisions that I used to regret, because I finally started to see how those moments positively shaped elements of my 2019. God really does go ahead of us guys, and he sees way further ahead that we could ever imagine. So if your currently reading this, and regretting any past decisions or simply unhappy with where you’re at in life, please remember that your only in a season, a single chapter with many more amazing ones ahead. It can be hard to see but have a little faith <3



So I wanted my confidence to soar in 2019, and to be fair it did…but more so through materialistic things, the clothes, make up and accessories that I would arm myself with before I step out of my front door. But I’m more than aware real internal confidence doesn’t involve any of those things, and I think the sense of feeling a bit lost and confused since passing my final exams and fully entering adult life hasn’t helped in this department, but here’s to more fruitful progress in 2020.


How was your 2019 and what did you take away from it? Let me know in the comments!




CJ x



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