The Timeless Tea dress.

Bag – Primark

Shades – Hawkers UK

Happy New Month!

How is it September already….?

So summers rapidly coming to an end, but before we get into the full swing of Autumn I wanted to do a quick appreciation post for the dress that kept me looking stylish throughout the summer months.


Tea dresses will forever be a ‘yes’ from me! Despite being around since the 1930s they’ve remained a stylish yet classic wardrobe staple to date! A true timeless classic!


They’re super light weight and have been my perfect slip on and go outfit, especially with the heatwave we were getting in London.


This particular Tea dress is inspired by 1940s tea dresses and was actually my mums back in the 1980’s, so a shout out to her for her classic fashionable eye which has managed to get me quite a few gems in my wardrobe for no cost at all (winning!)


Summer is more or less over so it’s farewell until 2019, and hopefully by then I will have bagged myself a few more timeless pieces to add to my dress collection.


Is it a yay or a nay for tea dresses from you? Will you be bagging yourself one in next summer season?




CJ x

Pictures: Shot by Jo


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