Adjusting my shopping habits, Personal style, and a new OOTD segment

Hey beautiful people,


So I’ve realised there are very few fashion and style related posts on here, and I think it’s partly because A) I felt like I needed to have a perfect blogger style shoot with an idealistic Kensington/Notting Hill background; in order have a photo worthy of putting up on my blog and B) I also felt like I needed to have paragraphs of text discussing an outfit when I simply wanted to just share what I was wearing.


I’m realising that since finishing uni my style has been changing and for someone who was once very much into seasonal trends, I seem to be moving towards a more timeless, classic, semi-minimalistic style at the moment.  So I really want to make more of an effort to purchase quality wardrobe pieces that are are more timeless and longer lasting (even if it means spending a little extra sometimes), and not just trendy for the season.  And also accessories! I’m thinking a lot more accessories!


With that being said I’ve decided to start a new OOTD segment on here, which will basically be outfit of the day blog posts with a few pics of whatever I’m wearing and details of where they’re from or similar items. Some outfits might be similar and you’ll probably see the same item of clothing styled a million different times, but that’s the whole point and I’m hoping this will become my little style diary on here.


Stay Tuned




CJ x


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4 responses to “Adjusting my shopping habits, Personal style, and a new OOTD segment”

  1. Larah says:

    Excited for the new segment! xx

  2. glowsteady says:

    Looking forward to seeing the new posts. I prefer more classic/ minimal looks a lot of the time too so I’m looking forward to seeing how you style your pieces x


  3. Chloe Chats says:

    I love being nosy and seeing what other people’s outfit of the days are! I’m quite minimal with my style as well! xx

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