Morning Skincare Routine for Acne prone skin

After finishing Accutane it took quite awhile for me to find the appropriate products and develop a skincare routine to keep my mini breakouts at bay, so today I thought I’d share with you my Morning skincare routine 🙂

I start off with washing my face using Clearasil’s Ultra 5 in 1 wash using my Champneys face brush.  I first started using this face wash after having a ‘bad’ breakout and discovering that the product I had previously been using was sold out everywhere. After 2-3 days my skin had drastically improved and since then with continued use breakouts have been more of a rarity.


After this I then give my face a quick cleanse using the Garnier Micellar water


I then start to use a ‘Layering method’ to apply my other skincare products, leaving the previous product to dry before applying the next.


I firstly apply the Obagi Vitamin C serum  to allow serum to penetrate. This product is literally my number one holy grail, as well as being a  perfect skin brighter it also helps protect my skin against Sun damage

Following this , i apply clean and clear moisture which helps in keeping my skin matte throughout the day.

And last but not least , I apply my SPF 50 sunblock  which is a basic skincare essential for me when it comes to preventing hyper-pigmentation and protecting my skin from the sun.

And then my face is all ready for any Make up!

What’s in your morning skincare routine?


CJ x


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  1. Claire Talks Beauty says:

    i love the clean and clear moisturizer! very lightweight !

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